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Update: The workaround below isn't needed if you use the Bootstrap4Xpage plugin: you can use the standard Dialog control from the Extension Library:

Bootstrap has a component to create a modal dialog, but it doesn't play well with XPages. The Extension Library has a modal dialog component that plays well with XPages, but doesn't look like Bootstrap.

Luckily, by changing some properties and little jQuery magic, we can let thexe:dialog controlfrom the Extension Library look like a Bootstrap dialog, so you'll have the best of both. Here's the sample code.

<xe:dialog id="dialog1" title="Dialog title" styleClass="modal" style="margin-left: inherit;">

						<![CDATA[//make the dialog look like a Bootstrap dialog using some jQuery magic

						//add the modal-header class
						to the title bar
						var titleBar = $(".modal .dijitDialogTitleBar").addClass("modal-header");

						//replace title node (by default it's a span)
						var titleNode = $(".dijitDialogTitle", titleBar);
						var title = titleNode.text();

						//add a class to the close icon
						$(".dijitDialogCloseIcon", titleBar).removeClass("dijitDialogCloseIcon").addClass("close");

						//add a new h3 node with the title
						titleBar.append("<h3>" + title + "</h3>");

						<xe:dialogContent id="dialogContent1"
						dialog content here

						<xe:dialogButtonBar id="dialogButtonBar1"
						<xp:button value="Close" id="button2"></xp:button>


The dialog shown on this page is the standard Dialog component from the Extension Library. It has been configured to reflect a Bootstrap style dialog.

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