Welcome to Bootstrap4XPages !

Bootstrap is the world's most popular design framework. This site contains all the information you'll need to start using Bootstrap with XPages. I'll show you demos, give you code snippets, show you how to use plugins, theming and more.

Update IBM decided to make Bootstrap a part of the Extension Library: it's included in the ExtLib as of the November '14 release (901v00_10). This site uses the Bootstrap version embedded in the ExtLib and no longer depends on the Bootstrap4XPages library.

View the source code for this site at GitHub. If you miss anything or want to help making this site better: drop me a note

Bootstrap4XPages webinar (June 17th, 2014) by Mark Leusink


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All contents on this site (Bootstrap4XPages), as well as the design of this site, is licensed under a WTFPL license. That basically allows you to do whatever you want with it, without any requirements at all. Some of the plugins used in the samples might have a separate license: read them before you use them!

This site is created and maintained byMark Leusink(contact | blog | twitter).